About us

Here’s a few things that stop us from being just another recruitment company.

We’re hugely ambitious

We believe whole heartedly that our relationship driven approach will prove more successful over time than a metrics driven standard recruitment model.

We want to have fun in the process. Pushing CV’s around is not fun, but building relationships with our candidates and clients is something we only achieve by being genuine and honest, and enjoying the process along the way.

It’s All About Relationships

It really is. From family to friends to business, it’s all about relationships. We focus all of our energy into building great ones. After all, we are in the business of starting relationships, they just happen to be between candidates and clients.

In our line of work, great relationships are built on trust and our ability to understand exactly what requirements our clients are seeking, and delivering to those requirements. Building great relationships takes time and they are built around mutual understanding and respect. At Rockit it means really listening, knowing when to push and when to hold back.

We’re Changing Recruitment

We want our candidates to be consistently successful, which means putting them forward for the roles best suited to them. This is done through our understanding of what our clients needs are, and identifying the candidates best suited to these roles. It also includes a good understanding of the clients culture and environment, and ensuring the candidates are not only suited from a technical perspective, but also from a cultural and availability perspective, as many of the roles we work with are time critical. We have built up extensive networks with companies and candidates over the past 13 years, and this enables Rockit with the ability to connect the right people with the right opportunities.

Our promise to candidates – We won’t waste your time putting you forward for roles we don’t think you are suited for, and we leave you to fend for yourself once you’re through the door.

We will work with you on everything from updating your CV to getting the most out of the interview so you understand your own agenda, know what questions to ask and come away with a clear idea of what the job – and the company – has to offer.

We’ll also equip you with the tools to assess each opportunity – whether it’s a freelance contract or a permanent position, regardless of industry sector.

It’s simple, but always intelligent.